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Spatial Characteristics of Traffic Chaos and Their Influence Paths in Medium and Small Cities——from the Perspective of Space Production
HAN Yong, WU Yanqing, DU Dongyang, WANG Yang
2019, 39(5): 1-6. doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2019.05.001
Traffic congestion has become the bottleneck restricting the sustainable development of small-and-medium-sized cities. Traffic chaos is one of the potential causes of traffic jams. Based on the triple spatial logic in theory on production of space, this study is devoted to revealing the spatial law and driving forces of traffic disturbance in small-and-medium-sized cities. It is found that road misappropriation and disordered driving are the main spatial characteristics of traffic chaos; based on different types of traffic and road space, they can be summarized as three types of road encroachment and two types of unordered driving patterns. Road encroachment is the direct cause of disordered driving, and it appears as a space-effect path from the outside to the inside under the cross-section of the road. The fundamental causes of traffic chaos in small-and-medium-sized cities are the spatial order of legal ideas and the unity of space perception and action of traffic subjects; traffic influencers invade and occupy traffic space, the traffic awareness of non-motorized drivers and pedestrians is weak, and traffic law enforcement personnel do not enforce laws closely or failure to comply is the direct cause.
Experience of Japanese Pension Insurance System Construction and Its Enlightenment to China
HUANG Ziyu, HUO Haiyan
2019, 39(5): 7-12. doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2019.05.002
With the arrival of an aging society, it is more and more important to accelerate the reform of China's pension insurance system. The development track of Japan's pension insurance system has similarities with that of China, and its main practice of system construction can provide reference for China. At present, China's pension insurance system still has problems such as insufficient government financial investment, fragmentation of pension insurance system, non-establishment of supplementary pension insurance system, and restrictions on pension investment. Suggestions to improve China's pension insurance are made on increasing government financial input into pension insurance, improving basic pension insurance standards for the entire population, establishing a multilevel pension insurance system, deepening the market operation of pensions, and promoting the construction of a long-term nursing insurance system.
Research on the Upgrading Mode and Path of China's Logistics Industry under The Belt and Road Initiative
BIN Hou, YU Xue, WANG Huanfang, ZOU Xiao
2019, 39(5): 13-17. doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2019.05.003
The Belt and Road Initiative brings development opportunities to countries along the belt and road, meanwhile it also puts forward requirements for the upgrading and development of China's logistics industry. This paper analyzes the impact of The Belt and Road Initiative on the internationalization and regionalization of China's logistics industry, and puts forward the spatial framework of China's international competitiveness in logistics industry. Finally, the following upgrading paths are proposed:first, to build a global logistics infrastructure network and promote the integration of regional logistics resources; Second, to optimize the domestic policy environment and improve the overall service level of logistics industry; Third, to actively develop enterprise competition and cooperation and cultivate the core competitiveness of logistics industry.
The Impact of International Immigration on the Economic and Labor Market of Destination Countries
ZHOU Rongjun
2019, 39(5): 18-27. doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2019.05.004
Immigration as a major mode of population movement has a significant impact on a country's economy. This paper examines the impact of immigration on the economy and labor market of OECD countries using relevant data from OECD countries. The following conclusions are found:first, the impact of immigration on economic growth is not significant, adding relevant control variables, the results are still robust. The stock of immigrants can significantly promote economic growth, and the conclusion is still robust after adding control variables. That means there is a long-term effect of immigration on economic growth. Second, the immigration flow has a significant impact on the unemployment rate of the local residents in the host country. The immigration flow increases by 1% and the unemployment rate decreases by 0.18%. The stock of immigrants can also significantly reduce the unemployment rate of local residents, the stock of immigrants has increased by 1%, and the unemployment rate of local residents has dropped by 0.48%. The long-term effect of the immigration on the unemployment rate is greater than the short-term effect. Third, the impact of immigration flow and immigration stock on the local gender unemployment rate in the host country is significantly negative. Fourth, the impact of immigration flow on local wage level is not significant in the short term, but immigration stock can significantly improve the wage level of local residents. Fifth, the immigration stock can reduce the proportion of high-wage personnel and low-wage personnel at the same time, and thus to a certain extent narrow the income gap. Sixth, immigration flow has no significant effect on gender wage differences in host countries, but immigration stock can significantly reduce gender wage differences in host countries. It can be seen that international immigration significantly affects the economic growth of destination countries and the labor market, but there are differences in the impact of heterogeneous international immigration on the economic growth of destination countries and the employment and wage levels in different labor markets.
The Initiatives and Implications to Improve the Home Learning Environment in OECD Member Countries
LI Huihui
2019, 39(5): 28-33. doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2019.05.005
An extensive body of research has shown that Home Learning Environment (HlE) not only has direct and significant associations with children's cognitive development and social functioning, but also serves as a protective factor against low socio-economic state (SES). Since the 1990s, in order to improve HLE, the OECD member countries take some measures, such as providing families with learning materials and resources; organizing diverse programs to empower parents to engage in their children's learning and supporting parents to develop a successful curriculum in home. Those initiatives can bring us important inspiration to improve the HLE in our country.
Study on the Satisfaction of Newly Rcruited Kindergarten Teachers to Undergraduate Education Practice
LI Huili
2019, 39(5): 34-40. doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2019.05.006
Improving the quality of pre-school professional education practice is the need of adapting to the change of teacher education paradigm. From the perspective of satisfaction, 291 kindergarten teachers who have worked for less than three years have been surveyed on their satisfaction with undergraduate education practice. The survey found that it is normal about the overall satisfaction of newly recruited kindergarten teachers to undergraduate education practice. Among all the indicators, the lowest degree of satisfaction is the practice content, and the highest satisfaction is the practice base. According to the analysis result of the good and bad situation quadrant, the professional image, the practice content and the kindergarten practice guidance are the service items that need to be improved urgently. The practice organization and management are the service items that need to be improved. Based on the results of the empirical analysis, the relevant universities should take professional competence as the guidance to cultivate reflective practitioners, and pay attention to the ecological field of teachers' education and strengthen the practice of training talents. In addition, the relevant universities should accelerate the improvement of the service of educational practice, set up the idea of student satisfaction management, and carry out regular satisfaction measurement.
On the Cultivation of Craftsman Spirit of College Students in China's Vocational Education
HU Yanxia
2019, 39(5): 41-44. doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2019.05.007
The cultivation of craftsman spirit is of great significance to China's economic and social development. At present, there are three factors hindering the inheritance and development of craftsman spirit in China's vocational education. The first one is the students' low cultural literacy and incorrect learning concept; the second one is the students' low political and ideological awareness and lack of lofty ideals; and the third one is the students' weak sense of self-identity, confusion in life and lack of career planning. On the surface, these problems are the problems of students themselves, but the fundamental problem lies in the teaching philosophy and educational methods of the school. Therefore, the cultivation of craftsmanship spirit in vocational education in China needs to be improved from clarifying the value of skills learned, improving ideological and political awareness, standardizing the evaluation of learning and practice, and strengthening skills competition, so as to lay a good foundation for the cultivation of craftsmanship spirit in vocational education. On this basis, education and teaching reform should be carried out under the guidance of craftsmanship spirit.
2019, 39(5): 45-49. doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2019.05.008
The Influence of Family Intimacy on Depression: the Mediating Effect of Loneliness
LIU Haoyu
2019, 39(5): 50-54. doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2019.05.009
The objective of this paper is to explore the relationship between family intimacy and depression and the mechanism of loneliness in the relationship between family intimacy and depression. The methods are as follow:310 college students were measured by family environment scale (FES), depression self-rating scale (CED-S) and loneliness scale (UCLA). We get the following results:(1) college students with poor physical health were more likely to suffer from depression and loneliness, and college students with broken family relationship had lower family intimacy; (2) there was a significant negative correlation between family closeness and depression. There was a significant positive correlation between loneliness and depression. There is a negative correlation between family closeness and loneliness. (3) family intimacy and loneliness have significant predictive effects on depression, and loneliness has some mediating effects between family intimacy and depression. Finally we come to such a conclusion:whether family intimacy directly or indirectly regulates depression through loneliness, it has a significant effect.
The Relationship between Business Ethics Sensitivity and Work Performance of Insurance Marketers: the Mediating Effect of Self-Efficacy
ZHANG Zhicong, LI Fuhao, YE Yiduo
2019, 39(5): 55-60. doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2019.05.010
In order to explore the intrinsic relationship between the business ethics sensitivity of insurance marketers and their work performance, as well as the mediating role of self-efficacy, a questionnaire survey was conducted to investigate 250 foreign employees of three large insurance companies in Xiangyang, Hubei. The results show that:(1) there is a significant positive correlation between the business ethics sensitivity, self-efficacy and job performance of insurance salesman; (2) the ethical sensitivity and self-efficacy of insurance salesman can be significant predictive job performance; (3) The self-efficacy of insurance salesman plays a partial intermediary role between business ethics sensitivity and job performance. Such a conclusion was reached:the ethical sensitivities of insurance salesman can influence job performance by affecting general self-efficacy.
The Ideology and Anti-secularism of Left-wing Film——A Case Study on The Queen of Sports in 1934
YUAN Qingfeng
2019, 39(5): 61-66. doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2019.05.011
It is not the subject matter but the theme that decides whether a film is left-wing or not. The Queen of Sports, directed by SUN Yu and produced by Lianhua Film Company in 1934, is a typical left-wing film, because it has the main features of the left-wing film, namely, class, violence and publicity. The advantage of the left-wing film is the approach, which means its publicity is not only incorporated into criticism, but also has kind of pioneering spirit with the ideology and anti-secularism. In fact, the film's recognition and praise of the sports spirit, both at that time and at present, is a sense of universal value and an ideological resource that can be reused.
Innovation on University Archives Management under the Background of Building “Double First-rate” Universities
HUANG Xiumei
2019, 39(5): 67-70. doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2019.05.012
The national "Double First-rate" strategy not only creates opportunities for the development of university archives management, but also poses new challenges. Although the university archives management has made evident improvements, when faced with the strategic targets and requirements of the "Double First-rate", there are still some problems waiting to be solved-the imbalance in the process of development, the insufficient usage of archives management, the lack of scientific management and efficient integration and utilization of archives resources, the relatively low level of specialization and modernization of archives resources development and service. To make full use of the archives management and let it play a functional and supportive role under the context of building "Double First-rate" universities in China, it is of urgent need to innovate management philosophy, optimize management mechanism, improve management and service efficiency and strengthen the development and usage of archives resources.
The Totem of Yan-huang Era, the Origin and Formation of Dragon and Chinese Dragon Culture
ZHU Naicheng
2019, 39(5): 71-85. doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2019.05.013
Dragon is the symbol of the Chinese nation. In Chinese traditional historiography, dragon is regarded as a god, while in Chinese modern historiography, it is related to the formation and development of totem concept. Totem is a concept introduced from the western academic circles in 1903, and then totem is explained for some cultural phenomena in the Yan-huang era recorded in ancient documents, such as the legend of ancestor, the animal name or clan name of ancestor, the emblem and dragon. Whether this explanation is appropriate remains to be further studied. At present, the earliest dragon remains confirmed by archaeological discovery are buried in Xishuipo, Puyang city, Henan province, which imitated the crocodile image. This crocodile image added cultural significance due to the special status of the tomb owner. Thus it can be confirmed that dragon culture consciousness has been produced around 4000 BC. The Chinese dragon culture, which continues to the present day, was formed in the early period of the Taosi culture (2400-2150 BC). In the early period of the Taosi culture, dragon was ascended into the cultural element of the royal family. The image of dragon broke away from the form of animal entity and gradually evolved into a dignified, mysterious and sacred symbolic image. This phenomenon is related to the birth of the early civilization of the Taosi culture, which shows that Chinese dragon culture and Chinese civilization were formed at the same time.
On the Battle of Yan-huang Tribe
JIN Rongquan
2019, 39(5): 86-91. doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2019.05.014
Chi You tribe was an ancient indigenous tribe living in the Central Plain area, and its ancestors created the Peiligang culture in the Central Plain area. After the Perigang group was split up and began to migrate, Chi You tribe stayed in the Central Plain area and developed Jiu Li tribe,with Chi You as the leader. When Yan-huang tribe migrated from the West to Central Plain, Chi You and the Yan Emperor formed an alliance to combat against the powerful Huang Emperor tribe, and they fought bitterly in today's Zhuolu County, Hebei Province. Chi You was defeated and killed by Huang Emperor. As a result of the war, the Central Plain area was initially unified, and the Central Plain's Aborigines merged with the Yan Emperor and the Huang Emperor, which laid the foundation for the formation of the Hua Xia tribe.
On the Connection between Copula “shi” and Focus Mark “shi”
WU Zhengrong
2019, 39(5): 92-95. doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2019.05.015
In ancient Chinese, the pronoun shi (literally meaning "yes" in English) is not an ordinary demonstrative pronoun, but a specific pronoun. When shi is the backward anaphora to the front clause and acts as the subject of the following clause, its nature of reference becomes weaker and weaker, owing to the simplicity of the front clause, and then shi has a new usage of confirmation. Copula shi and focus mark shi are both extended from the confirmation usage. They were extended synchronously, and became mature in the medieval times.
The Force Dynamics and the Macro-event Property in Chinese Resultative Construction
WANG Chenling
2019, 39(5): 96-101. doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2019.05.016
Talmy's force dynamics is the general description of classic "causative" meaning, concerning the exertion of force, resistance to such a force, the overcoming of such a resistance, blockage of the expression of force, removal of such blockage, and the like. While the force dynamics is too generalized to ignore the internal force transmission. Based on Talmy's macro-event, this thesis explores the internal force transmission and temporal properties in force dynamics of Chinese resultative construction. Finally, the thesis puts forward that with temporal properties, Chinese resultative construction has macro-event property in form-to-meaning mapping and follows such three principles as uniqueness constraint, macro-event linking principle and unique vector constraint.
The Historical and Poetic Writing and Characteristics of The Ordinary World
WU Shenggang, WU Chengxi
2019, 39(5): 102-108. doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2019.05.017
Rereading The Ordinary World still has a strong sense of penetration, and the content of social life reflected in the works can still awaken our sleeping memory and trigger a powerful spiritual shock. Just because the novel really goes into reality, and the author's historical poetic writing and the historical poetic characteristics of his works, The Ordinary World is still able to penetrate the back of the paper, spread the light layer by layer, let people understand and read the connotation of social history. The history of rural reform, peasant entrepreneurship and youth struggle in the novel just reflect the development and growth of society, family, individual and so on in the 1980s. From Huangshui Village, Shigejie to Huangyuan and Tongcheng Dayawan, from rural areas to city, the work reflects the social style of an era as a whole, which has rich historical and poetic values.
Going Beyond and Looking Upwards——On the Philosophical Connotation of LU Nei's Novel Compassion
2019, 39(5): 109-113. doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2019.05.018
LU Nei's novel Compassion is his "middle-aged transformation". Although the novel is about the fate changes of state-owned factories and workers living in factories for nearly half a century, it has its own metaphysical pursuit and rich philosophical implications. Specifically, in the repetitive writing of death, Mercy pointed out the logic of the fate from birth to death and from nothing to no life, and asked how man can win in life and how to obtain his life in death. In answering this question, the novel mainly expresses different life expectancy by comparing different attitudes of the master, Gensheng, SU Xiaodong and Shuisheng to the factory order to convey their own beliefs in life. The novel finally confirms the life belief that Shuisheng can both surpass downward and search upward in daily life.
The Characterization of Pathological Images in Henry James' The Portrait of a Lady
WEI Xinjun
2019, 39(5): 114-118. doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2019.05.019
Henry James is a novelist suffering from a mysterious disease all through his life, and has a special passion for diseases. In his literary creation, James emphasizes the value of disease subjects and effect of pathological characters, especially in The Portrait of a Lady where he provides us with a rich collage of such male characters. They are miraculously depicted and vividly drawn in the terms of the aesthetic view, romantic feeling and emotional factor, sketching out a series of lively images with character depth. Disease narration is a typical feature of James' writing of morbid life in his novels.
Public Opinion, Teachers' Strike and Warlord Government: a Study on the Teachers' Demanding Payments Movement in Anhui Province in 1923 under the Horizon of the Press
SHANG Fangchao
2019, 39(5): 119-125. doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2019.05.020
Teachers' Demanding Payments Movement in Anhui Province in 1923 exemplified the Chinese educational situation during the period of Beiyang Government. The incident aroused the public's interest due to its unique subjects of teachers, evoked widespread compassion because of its simple motivation of demanding payment, and finally became a landmark event in history owing to the tragic ending of bloodshed. The Teachers' Strike was a catalyst for the active participation of Warlord Government, Teachers, students, the general public, and overseas groups. The whole situation worsened step by step, experiencing the following stages of accidental beginning, serious confrontation, difficult mediation and arbitration, and violent upheaval. The incident reflected the numerous and complicated contradictions under the rule of Beiyang Government, symbolized the dangerous situation of education, and embodied the democratic pursuits and conflicting interests of different social class. As a sensational news event, the Teachers' Strike aroused grave concern of the general public, changed directions under the influences of public opinion, and highlighted the complex phase of the transformation of modern China. In the middle of the event, some progressivists gave voice to the pursuits of democratic politics and overthrowing Beiyang Government.
A Study on the Reasons for the Rise of American Book Publishing Industry
2019, 39(5): 126-130. doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2019.05.021
During the World War Ⅱ, American book publishing industry began to go abroad, explored the global market vigorously and achieved rapid rise, surpassing the powerful publishing countries like British and French. The rise is closely related to the drastic changes in the wartime of the international book publishing environment, the development of the US publishers to the book market, the special geographical location and publishing conditions of the United States and the strong support of the US federal government. Its rapid rise during World War Ⅱ was the inherent requirement of the United States trying save the people in the European occupation zone, actively shaping the new image of the United States and improving morale in order to win the war. It was also the inevitable result of the United States trying to seek global cultural hegemony after the war.
The Characteristics and Historical Contributions of Shangcheng Uprising
TIAN Qinggang
2019, 39(5): 131-135. doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2019.05.022
Shangcheng Uprising is another important armed uprising in the early stage of the Agrarian Revolution in the Dabie Mountains after the Huangma Uprising, and is the first successful armed uprising in Henan Province after the failure of the Great Revolution. It is an important part of the three major armed uprisings of Huangma, Shangcheng and Liuhuo, which laid the revolutionary base of Hubei, Henan and Anhui provinces. It plays an important role in connecting the past with the future. The Shangcheng Uprising was also a successful example of the peasant armed uprising led by the local Party organizations in Henan and Hubei provinces in the early stage of the agrarian revolution, which was coordinated, carefully deployed and jointly participated in the leadership of the two provinces; a peasant armed uprising with the nature of military movement, a successful example of the organic combination of military movement and agricultural movement; and a successful example of applying social relations network to the revolutionary struggle and serving the general situation of the revolution. The success of the Shangcheng Uprising changed the pattern of the struggle between the enemy and ourselves in the Dabie Mountains, strengthened the revolutionary struggle in Hubei, Henan and Anhui, and made great contributions to the Chinese revolution. The uprising established the first regular Red Army unit in Henan Province, the first county-level people's regime in Henan Province, the Soviet government in Shangcheng County, and the first stable revolutionary base area in Henan Province, which effectively promoted the further development of the revolutionary struggle in the Dabie Mountains and created favorable conditions for the formation of a unified revolutionary base area in Hubei, Henan and Anhui.
Rediscussion on the Naming Issue of the Shangcheng Uprising
LIU Xiyuan
2019, 39(5): 136-140. doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2019.05.023
For historical, realistic and academic reasons, as one of the three major armed uprisings on the revolutionary bases of Hubei-Henan-Anhui, Shangcheng Uprising has different titles such as "Start of Summer Festival Uprising", "Shangnan Uprising" and "Shangnan Riot". Considering the political, historical, cultural and customary factors of naming the revolutionary struggle led by the Communist Party of China after the founding of the People's Republic of China, Shangcheng Uprising should be the proper name of this historical event.
2019, 39(5): 141-141.
2019, 39(5): 142-142.

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