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LINXin, MENGYingfang, HUANGLiqin
, doi: 10.3969/ji.ssn.1003-0964.2019.06.001
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Thepurposeofthisstudywastoexplorewhetherextractioninterferencecouldaffecttheconceptprimingeffect insemanticclassificationtasks,andwhethertheeffectoriginatedfromthecompetitionofactionresponseresources.Theexperi- mentwasdividedintonon-interferencecondition,simultaneousinterferenceconditionandcontinuousinterferencecondition. Underthecontinuousinterferencecondition,therearetwoconditionsofreactivecompetitionandnon-reactivecompetition.The experimentalresultsshowthatthereisaconceptualprimingeffectinsemanticclassificationtasksintheconditionofnon-inter- ference.Theprimingeffectofsemanticclassificationtaskdisappearsundertheconditionofsimultaneousinterference.The primingeffectdisappearedundertheconditionofnon-reactivecompetition,whilethenegativeprimingeffectoccurredunderthe conditionofreactivecompetition.Theresultsshowthattheextractioninterferencealsoaffectstheconceptualprimingeffect, butthenegativeprimingeffectonlyoccurssubsequentinterferencehadreactivecompetition.Therefore,conceptualimplicit memoryisaffectedbyextractinginterference,andextractinginterferenceeffectcomesfromDistractionindual-taskoperation, Onthisbasis,responsecompetitionwillgreatlydestroytheprimingeffect.
The Transcendence of Marx's View of Social Justice from the Unification of Rights and Obligations
MENG Xuejing, LI Xia
2020, 40(6): 1-4.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.06.001
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The relationship between rights and obligations is an important indicator and internal yardstick to measure social justice. A truly just society realizes the unity of rights and obligations between people. The transcendence of Marx's concept of social justice lies in that it reveals the hypocrisy of the unity of rights and obligations in capitalist society, and clarifies the possibility and necessity of the unity of rights and obligations in Communist society. It provides important practical guidance for the construction of a justice society in China.
The Path of Virtual Practice Teaching Innovation on Ideological and Political Theory Courses in Colleges and Universities
WANG Fanyu
2020, 40(6): 5-10.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.06.002
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The launch of virtual practice teaching based on modern information technology is a natural and necessary extension of the political theory courses' traditional practice teaching. The practice teaching of political theory course possesses characters of transcendence, objective authenticity, instant interactivity, initiatively creativity and so on. Applying virtual practice teaching to political theory teaching, this is not only the choice that adhere to the law of "the generation after 1995s" university students' growth and development, but also the beneficial exploration of practical teaching reform in the network era. Under the background of new media, developing virtual practice teaching must follow some principles:combining openness with guidance; applying virtual practice teaching to practical teaching; realizing the function of combination of teacher guide and students' subjectivity; on this basis, the effectiveness of ideological and political course teaching will be further improved by actively building a teaching platform;exploring and developing political theory course teaching related online games; optimizing virtual practice teaching platform and constructing the teaching assessment and evaluation system.
A Review of the Research on the Connotation of Patriotism in Recent Years
2020, 40(6): 11-17.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.06.003
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Patriotism is not a simple word. It has been endowed with rich connotation in the development of thousands of years. Based on the research on the connotation of patriotism in recent years, this paper focuses on the summary from the structural level. The three structural levels are as follows:first, based on the research vein of patriotism knowledge, emotion, meaning and action, through the patriotism education combining emotion and reason; second, from the ideological system level, focusing on patriotism is the moral requirements, political principles and legal norms regulating the relationship between individuals and the motherland, from the value perspective of ethical philosophy, political philosophy and law The third is from the spiritual level, around patriotism is the core of the spirit of the Chinese nation to sort out.
The Basic State of the Village Chief in Taiwan——Based on Election Statistics in 2014 and 2018
TANG Ming, YANG Ting
2020, 40(6): 18-23.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.06.004
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The village chiefs are the grassroots civil servants elected in Taiwan. According to the election statistics in 2014 and 2018, there are more males than females in Taiwan village chiefs, with more than 80% males and less than 20% females, and more born in Tainan city, among whom many hold posts in other counties and cities; there are more middle-aged and older people than young people, accounting for more than 80% of those over 50 years old, and only about 3% of those under 39; their overall educational level is obviously lower than that of the whole Taiwan population above 15 years old; there are more accustomed faces and fewer new faces, and more than 70% are re-elected; most of them are "plain looking", that is, only a few wore the cloak of party affiliation, and over 70% (2014) and 80% (2018) had no party affiliation or did not openly label their own party.
The Influence Mechanism and Path Choice of Cooperative Organizations Participating in Rural Governance from the Perspective of Multiple Co-governance
WANG Shengbin
2020, 40(6): 24-33.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.06.005
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The 19th CPC National Congress put forward the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, and the rural governance mechanism put forward new requirements. Rural governance is an important link in solving the problems of agriculture, rural areas and farmers. How to innovate the system and mechanism of rural governance, continuously improve the state of rural governance and realize effective governance has become an important and urgent task. The existing rural governance is in the midst of multiple dilemmas and structural contradictions of deconstruction-reconstruction, which objectively requires the establishment of a multi-governance paradigm of co-management and co-governance among the government, leading enterprises, farmers and the society. In the countryside with a tradition of "small-scale peasant" economy, the construction of farmers' organization and agricultural cooperation should be strengthened. In the new era, rural cooperatives have become an effective carrier for coordinating the rural "two committees" to participate in co-governance. They have brought about a series of new structural changes in rural governance in the fields of economic development, democracy, cultural identity and public service construction, and contributed to the internal connection and organic combination between cooperatives and rural governance under the new situation. Multiple governance is the core of innovation of grassroots government, activate the rural folk strength, absorbing rural civil organizations to participate in governance, especially in the cooperatives under the action of natural factors of production, revitalize the participation motivation, activate resources for governance, overcome monomer for promoting the development of the rural public utilities. Meanwhile, it still need to ram the underlying logic, improve the management ability, empower realistic constraints such as organization and external resource to study and put forward "multiple work" perfect path, building rural governance innovation mechanism, aimed at the rural governance under the action of the cooperative study provides a new analysis framework and ideas. Under the rural revitalization strategy, "effective governance" can be realized smoothly.
On the Path and Effectiveness of Improving the Livelihood Sustainability of Rural Poor Households under Targeted Poverty Alleviation Strategy
GONG Lixin
2020, 40(6): 34-40.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.06.006
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The targeted poverty alleviation strategy has achieved world-renowned achievements, however, in recent years, poverty alleviation practices have exposed risks such as unsustainable poverty reduction results. The issue of improving the sustainability of the livelihoods of poor farmers has become the core of poverty reduction in the new stage. On the basis of defining the connotation of the livelihood sustainability capability, this paper designs a feasible path to improve the livelihood sustainability capability from the three perspectives of industrial poverty alleviation, employment transfer and financial poverty alleviation, and uses the questionnaire of F county in X province to analyze the implementation process and effectiveness of various poverty alleviation policies. The study found that in order to build a long-term poverty reduction mechanism, attention must be paid to building the sustainability of the livelihoods of poor households; under the three perspectives of industrial poverty alleviation, employment transfer, and financial poverty alleviation, the implementation of the path to improve the sustainability of livelihood has the characteristics of differentiation, and the implementation results are significant and sustainable.
A Study on the Risk of Citizenization of Migrant Workers in China: Multidimensional Perspective and Development Trend
XIA Jinmei, KONG Xiangli
2020, 40(6): 41-48.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.06.007
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Migrant workers are an important force in China's industrialization and urbanization. The citizenization of migrant workers is the focal point of the external manifestation of the principal contradiction in the current society. The research results on the risk of citizenization of migrant workers can be summarized and reviewed comprehensively from the perspectives of economy, politics, society and population. Under the background of China's temporary economic downturn and the opening of a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the risk of citizenization of migrant workers should be explored according to the historical materialism of Marxism, starting from the improvement of social productivity, transformation of social production relations and adjustment of superstructure caused by population spatial agglomeration. Economic risk researching should continue to explore consumption structure optimization and quality improvement path, at the same time focus on the risk of capital accumulation and defense; Political risks should focus on the mismatch between personal space migration and political rights migration, and explore the risks of peasant workers' interest appeal, fairness and justice, political participation. Social risks should be analyzed in terms of identity risk, urban integration risk and welfare sharing risk faced by migrant workers in urban life characterized by population agglomeration. Population risks should focus on the migrant workers' urban management risk, aging risk, "demographic dividend" disappearing risk, and "reverse urbanization" risk.
An Empirical Study of the Crime Impact on Inbound Tourism
WEI Zhanjun, YANG Yuanyuan
2020, 40(6): 49-55,60.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.06.008
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Based on the data of 31 provinces in China from 2001 to 2015, this paper empirically examines the impact of crime on inbound tourism. The results show that:first, crime has an overall inhibitory effect on inbound tourism. Although the impact on the number of inbound tourists is not significant, it will significantly reduce the foreign exchange income of local tourism; second, the impact of crime on inbound tourism has a spatial spillover effect. Third, inbound tourism has the characteristics of path dependence, which means that the adverse impact of crime on inbound tourism is persistent. This paper puts forward some suggestions to promote the development of inbound tourism from the aspects of strengthening crime control, establishing inbound tourism service agencies and strengthening international tourism cooperation.
Research on the Prevention and Control of Real Estate Financing Risk in China
2020, 40(6): 56-60.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.06.009
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Real estate industry is the pillar industry of national economic development, but also a typical capital-intensive industry, large amount of investment, long recovery cycle, high dependence on capital, with a high risk factor. For a long time, China's real estate financial system is not perfect, financing market information asymmetry, risk management mechanism is not perfect, financing innovation awareness is weak, financial institutions and real estate enterprises in high risk and high debt operating mode, once the real estate bubble burst, the entire economic system will cause great harm, and even a financial crisis. In order to effectively prevent and control real estate financing risk, the state should build a complete real estate financial system, financial regulatory departments should establish a real estate financial market risk adjustment mechanism, all parties should work together to build a real estate intangible credit supervision system, financial institutions should do a good job in real estate market risk assessment, strengthen internal control, real estate enterprises should change the concept of financing, the establishment of joint enterprise mechanism, which can better spread and control the risk.
2020, 40(6): 61-65.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.06.010
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2020, 40(6): 66-69.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.06.011
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2020, 40(6): 70-74.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.06.012
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On the Connotation, Performance and Generating Path of Preschool Teachers' Pedagogical Tact
ZHU Mengmeng
2020, 40(6): 75-79.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.06.013
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Preschool teacher's pedagogical tact is a kind of educational behavior by which the teachers deal with complicated educational situations and sudden educational problems in a timely and effective way in kindergarten's routine activities for the purpose of promoting children's development, and is an important embodiment of preschool teachers' professional development. 3-6 years old is a rapid period of children's physical and mental development, and the educational situation is complex and changeable, which requires preschool teachers to have certain pedagogical tact to better promote the development of children. Combined with practice, preschool teachers' pedagogical tact has significant practical, situational and creative characteristics. Kindergarten teachers' pedagogical tact can be divided into three parts from the process dimension:acuteness to educational situations, astuteness in judging educational problems and the tact in solving them. In practice, the improvement of teachers' pedagogical tact varies from person to person, and its generating path includes arousing preschool teachers' development consciousness, attaching importance to their action and reflection, and ensuring the external atmosphere of kindergarten.
2020, 40(6): 80-84.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.06.014
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An ERP Analysis of Psychic Trauma Empathy of Psychology Learner
MA Yuelu, WU Mingzheng, ZHAO Xiaojun
2020, 40(6): 85-90.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.06.015
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In order to explore the characteristics of trauma empathy of psychological students, Event Related Potential (ERP) and trauma and non-trauma images were used as experimental materials to examine the level of trauma empathy among psychological and psychologist qualification certificates.The results showed that psychological learners and general groups were watching trauma and non-trauma maps. The ERP wave forms were significantly different in time. When psychology learners watched the trauma pictures, the latency of N110 was shorter, the latency of P2 was longer, the amplitude of P2 was higher, and the amplitude of P300 was lower, which showed that the psychology learners were less affected by trauma events than general groups. There was no significant difference when viewing non-trauma images. It indicates that psychology learners are not easily influenced by negative images and have better ability to deal with traumatic events.
The Construction of Chinese Discourse System and Cultural Consciousness——Talking from Hegel's Philosophy of History
DAI Shaohua
2020, 40(6): 91-96.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.06.016
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The construction of Chinese discourse has become an important part of the country's image and strength, and it is also an expression of cultural consciousness on the basis of the continuous improvement of the country's overall strength. The construction of Chinese discourse should first be based on the organic integration of its own historical and practical issues, and then continue to move towards the world and universality in its communication and exchange with the West. However, there is a great misunderstanding of China in the West, which is fully reflected in the Western centralism and criticism of China in Hegel's Philosophy of History. In this regard, we should use Marxist views, based on the connection between Marxism and Hegel's ideas, and critically absorb its beneficial aspects from the comparison between Chinese and Western theories and reality, so as to provide some ideas and references for the construction of contemporary Chinese discourse and cultural consciousness.
On the Cultural Implication of Nijiaochui Clay Toy Art of Huaibin County
2020, 40(6): 97-100.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.06.017
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Originating in Dong Yi Double Hao Group of a primitive tribe with an adoration for the sun and the bird totem, a clay toy entitled Nijiaochui, popular in Huaibin county, Henan Province, follows in line with the representative of the early Longshan Culture, the long-tailed red pottery bird from Shazhong Historic Site. The characteristic of random creativity concerning the Nijiaochui Art of Huaibin county shows the creator's cognitive attitude towards a focus on himself and his disposition. A combination of beliefs and a desire for secular utility is the profound spiritual origin of Nijiaochui clay toy art of Huaibin county. The participation in folk customs activities can further embody the interplaying relationship between people and Nijiaochui clay toy art of Huaibin county as well as the inter-penetrating communication between diverse folk arts of the same domain from different regions.
2020, 40(6): 101-104.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.06.018
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The Study of Intertextuality between Er Yuehe's Luo Xia Series Historical Novels and The Story of the Stone
WU Chengxi, WU Shenggang
2020, 40(6): 105-111.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.06.019
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The historical novels of Luo Xia Series writen by Er Yuehe were influenced deeply by The Story of the Stone, according to the comparative research between Luo Xia Series and The Story of the Stone, we draw a conclusion that the works of Er Yuehe and The Story of the Stone have something in common. The narrative mode, structural mode, shaping of character image and words weaving of Luo Xia Series have extensive connections and internal relationships with The Story of the Stone.
On the Absurd Writing and Its Limitations in LIU Zhenyun's Novels——A Case Study of Children in the Eating Melon Age and I Am Not Pan Jinlian
WANG Yunshan
2020, 40(6): 112-117.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.06.020
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The narrative patterns of Repeating in Children in the Eating Melon Age and I Am Not PAN Jinlian reveal the absurdity of human existence. However, the artistic limitations of the novel have not attracted enough attention. The characters in the novel have the tendency to symbolize, simplify and "take it for granted". At the end of the novel, the tragedy of the protagonist is replaced with a comedy of another group of people, which has a relatively strong pessimistic color and weakens the realistic critical edge of the work. The two novels reflect LIU Zhenyun's achievements and shortcomings in the localization of Western literary resources, and have certain enlightening significance for the creation of contemporary Chinese writers.
On the Vernacular Movement in Tsinghua School
KONG Linghuan
2020, 40(6): 118-122.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.06.021
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The vernacular movement is a language reform movement which took place in China at the beginning of the 20th century, aiming at replacing classical Chinese with vernacular as the common written language. The development of the vernacular movement in Tsinghua school can be divided into four stages:the beginning, the slow development, the dispute between classical Chinese and vernacular, the victory and the detour. The vernacular movement in Tsinghua School not only shows the students' diversified thinking on language problems, but also has great significance for the formation of the new poetry exploration road of the poetry group of Tsinghua Literary Club headed by WEN Yiduo and the New Moon Poetry School.
On the Writing of Intergenerational Relationship in Alice Munro's Short Stories
2020, 40(6): 123-129.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.06.022
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The writing of intergenerational relationship is one of the important themes in Alice Munro's works. From the perspective of the changes in family intergenerational relations, Munro outlines the social construction process of Canadian nation-state in more than 100 years with the help of the intergenerational relationship between different generations by taking the three types of family intergenerational relations in four generations of families as the longitudinal clue, namely, the mid-19th century immigrant generation, and the late 19th century new generation, and the early 20th century transformational generation, and the mid-20th century transitional generation. In the works, the author shows the time nature of the different intergenerational relations of English born Scottish immigrants under the mode of colonial cultural inheritance in the new world of North America, reveals the objective influence of individual social context on each generation, and points out the universality and inevitability of intergenerational conflicts in different historical and cultural contexts.
Research on the Peasant Mobilization Strategy and Practical Significance in the Land Reform Movement of the CPC during the Liberation War
LIN Quanmin, YU Qingyun
2020, 40(6): 130-135.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.06.023
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The reform of the land system is the basic task of China's new democratic revolution. During the Liberation war, the land reform movement led by the Communist Party of China brought profound changes to China's rural society. The CPC organized and guided farmers to participate in land reform through a series of mobilization methods at the ideological level, such as visiting the poor, complaining and digging at the roots, as well as mobilization strategies at the practical level, such as division of elements, fighting against landlords and dividing fruits. The mobilization of peasants not only promoted the smooth development of land reform and effectively supported the liberation war, but also had a far-reaching impact on the reconstruction of rural power and the system of rural social power control. The mobilization strategy of farmers is also of great significance to the fight against poverty and the decisive victory of a moderately prosperous society in all respects.
2020, 40(6): 136-140.  
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2020, 40(6): 141-141.  
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2020, 40(6): 142-142.  
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