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LINXin, MENGYingfang, HUANGLiqin
$v.latestStateEn , doi: 10.3969/ji.ssn.1003-0964.2019.06.001
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Thepurposeofthisstudywastoexplorewhetherextractioninterferencecouldaffecttheconceptprimingeffect insemanticclassificationtasks,andwhethertheeffectoriginatedfromthecompetitionofactionresponseresources.Theexperi- mentwasdividedintonon-interferencecondition,simultaneousinterferenceconditionandcontinuousinterferencecondition. Underthecontinuousinterferencecondition,therearetwoconditionsofreactivecompetitionandnon-reactivecompetition.The experimentalresultsshowthatthereisaconceptualprimingeffectinsemanticclassificationtasksintheconditionofnon-inter- ference.Theprimingeffectofsemanticclassificationtaskdisappearsundertheconditionofsimultaneousinterference.The primingeffectdisappearedundertheconditionofnon-reactivecompetition,whilethenegativeprimingeffectoccurredunderthe conditionofreactivecompetition.Theresultsshowthattheextractioninterferencealsoaffectstheconceptualprimingeffect, butthenegativeprimingeffectonlyoccurssubsequentinterferencehadreactivecompetition.Therefore,conceptualimplicit memoryisaffectedbyextractinginterference,andextractinginterferenceeffectcomesfromDistractionindual-taskoperation, Onthisbasis,responsecompetitionwillgreatlydestroytheprimingeffect.
An Analysis of the Positive Response of the “Four Greats” to the Trend of Democratic Socialism
SUN Min, QI Chengshui
2020, 40(1): 1-7.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.01.001
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The "four greats" are the great historical mission of the Communist Party of China in the new era, and a powerful ideological weapon to compete with the anti-Marxist trend of thought. It is a positive response to the democratic socialist trend of thought. It is manifested as:profoundly exposing the impact of the democratic socialist trend of thought on Marxist ideology in the "great struggle"; always vigilant in building "great projects". The purpose of democratic socialism is to the evolution of the Chinese Communist Party; to promote the "great cause" to clearly understand the distortion of democratic socialism and the socialism with Chinese characteristics; to completely dispel the democratic socialism in the realization of "great dreams" to achieve the essence of bourgeois rule. Comprehensively and profoundly revealing the true face of the democratic socialist trend of thought, can we clear the obstacles for the great victory of the cause of promoting socialism with Chinese characteristics, and help to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the people's demand for a better life at an early date.
The Inevitability, Feasibility and Path Choice of Realizing the Integrated Development of Urban and Rural Culture in China
XU Xueqing
2020, 40(1): 8-15.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.01.002
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As socialism with Chinese characteristics enters a new era, the integration of urban and rural culture in China is not only a historical necessity but also a realistic possibility. Its historical inevitability lies in this:the integrated development of urban and rural culture is an inevitable requirement for implementing the new development concept, completing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects, realizing rural revitalization, accelerating the process of urbanization, realizing the integrated development of urban and rural areas, promoting cultural exchanges and integration between urban and rural areas, building a harmonious society, and safeguarding the basic cultural rights and interests of the people. Its feasibility is:the rapid development of economy for the integration of urban and rural cultural development provides a solid material foundation, economic marketization reform for the integration of urban and rural cultural development provides a good cultural conditions, the speeding up of urbanization and rural migrant workers in urban and rural areas between the flow created social conditions for the integration of urban and rural cultural development, the party and the government issued a series of cultural policy provides policy guarantee for the integration of urban and rural cultural development. We should take concrete measures to accelerate the integration of urban and rural culture by raising ideological awareness, improving institutions and increasing supply.
Public Participation System and Its Effect
ZHAO Zhilei
2020, 40(1): 16-22.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.01.003
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This paper used content analysis and questionnaire to research the impact of public anticipation systems on public participation effect and the function path thereof. It was discovered through the research that an increasing openness of the public participation system is beneficial to enhancing the effectiveness of public participation, and that such promotional function can be realized through the following three paths:public participation in all matters, public participation in the whole process, and systematization of public participation.
On the Ways to Strengthen the Construction of the Party's Organizational System in the New Era
GUO Lichang
2020, 40(1): 23-27.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.01.004
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The Party's overall leadership and the whole work of the Party must be achieved through the Party's strong organizational system. The looseness of the Party's organizational system has weakened the Party's leadership, weakened the Party members' consciousness, affected negatively the rallying power and integration force of primary Party organizations, and alienated the relationship between the Party and the masses. Comprehensive governing party situation, to make our Party stronger and stronger, we must pay more attention to the Party's organization system construction, built as a whole the central, local and grassroots organizations, strengthening the Party's political leadership, ideological driving force, mass organization, social power, Party organizations at all levels into the close relationship as bridges and combat forts.
On the Construction of Teachers' Ethics and Styles in the Context of Strong Country in Education in the New Era
WANG Ailian
2020, 40(1): 28-31.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.01.005
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Good teacher ethics is the foundation of teachers, the foundation of cultivating people and the foundation of rejuvenating the country. At present, there exist some problems such as weak political consciousness, mission consciousness, self-cultivation consciousness and dedication consciousness. In order to build a strong country in education, we should strengthen the work of Party building in schools, create a good social atmosphere of respecting teachers and valuing education, strengthen the construction of main body responsibility, construct evaluation incentive mechanism, improve the treatment of teachers, strengthen the teaching as the center and so on.
The New Situation, New Connotation and New Requests of the Subject Development of Marxist Theory Education in Colleges and Universities in the New Era
HU Limin
2020, 40(1): 32-35.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.01.006
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In the new era, if the main body of Marxist theory education in colleges and universities wants to play a leading role, it is necessary to accurately grasp the new situation of the development of the main body of Marxist theory education in colleges and universities based on the historical position, global vision and individual development; to deeply understand the new connotation of the development from the core, foundation, key points and paths of development; to take advantage of the opportunity to practice our internal skills, take the initiative to implement the new requirements of the development, constantly promote our own development, and strive to become an expert in the field of Marxist theory education.
On the Integration of Core Values in the Construction of Administrative Law in China
ZHU Maolei
2020, 40(1): 36-41,48.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.01.007
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The integration of core values in the construction of administrative rule of law is an inevitable requirement for integrating socialist core values into the rule of law in China. The integration of socialist core values in administrative organizations includes the embedding of national value objectives, the embedding of national value objectives and social value objectives, and the embedding of core values of civil servants' legal norms. The departmental administrative law is the development of core values into the administrative rule of law. It is embodied in the rebuilding of education administration with core values, the introduction of public security administration with core values, and the strengthening of civil administration with core values.
The Dilemma and Ways out of the Legal Exercise of Administrative Prior Right in Performance of the PPP Contract
2020, 40(1): 42-48.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.01.008
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The government has administrative prior right in the PPP which is manifested in the following aspects:selecting the signer, the command power, unilateral changing and relieving the contract, the power of sanction on contractor and supervision. The legal exercise of the administrative prior right could prevent the contract disputes and enhance the realization of public interests. There are some abuse of administrative prior right in the performance of the PPP contract, Such as infringement and breach of contract, non-performance of administrative promises and non-compliance with legal procedures, which violate the principles of law-based administration and trust-protection. The dilemma of misusing the right lies in the uncertainty of public interest, the complexity of PPP contracts, the lack of legislation on the government's dishonest behavior and the weakness of internal supervision. The ways out for the dilemma as followed:the legislation on the specific conditions of the administrative prior right and the government's responsibilities, strengthening the construction of government credit, promoting the government to using the right legally by the third party assessments, strengthening external supervision and so on.
Criminal Legal Risk Analysis of Participating Subjects in Corporate M&A and Bet Agreement
LIN Chenze
2020, 40(1): 49-53.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.01.009
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In recent years, the terms of the gambling agreement have been widely used in corporate mergers and acquisitions in China. The original intention of setting the terms of the gambling agreement is to protect the legitimate interests of the merger and acquisition party. However, in the specific implementation process, the merger party pursues the high valuation and the target company. The future performance of the company is overconfident, and it is likely that it will unrealistically make excessive commitments to specific performance targets, and even require intermediary agencies to assist in facilitating through illegal means. In the judicial practice of the implementation of the gambling agreement, the parties to the merger and acquisition due to performance failures caused a large number of legal disputes, and even involved the criminal responsibility of the relevant participants. This paper mainly discusses the types of criminal legal risks and their countermeasures that may arise from the failure to implement the terms of the gambling agreement in the company's merger and acquisition process. The research content has certain practical guiding significance for regulating the company's M&A behavior and reducing the legal risk of M&A of public companies.
A Study on the Punishment of Environmental Pollution Crime in Henan Province
WU Xiangpeng
2020, 40(1): 54-59.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.01.010
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In the background of pollution prevention and control, the situation of environmental pollution crime in Henan province is not optimistic. By searching big data to find out the cases of environmental pollution crime in Henan province, and analyzing its trend, we can make a macro grasp of the punishment of environmental pollution crime in Henan province. Statistics show that the environmental pollution crime in Henan province has been increasing year by year, relatively more in developed regions, relatively lighter overall punishment, less organizational crimes, and broader sentencing circumstances, and so on. Finally, the paper puts forward some suggestions on the future trend of environmental pollution crime cases in Henan province, the determination of the amount of the fine, the application of probation and prohibition orders, the standardization of sentencing reform, the matters needing attention of the system of admission and punishment, and the incidental civil public interest litigation.
A Study on Technological Innovation Effect and Heterogeneity of Environmental Regulation——An Empirical Test based on Panel Data of 271 Cities in China
2020, 40(1): 60-65.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.01.011
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Strengthening environmental regulation and protecting ecological environment is the inevitable choice to realize the harmonious development of man and nature. However, whether the increasingly tightening environmental regulation will affect technological progress or not. Aiming at this problem, this paper takes panel data of 271 cities in China from 2000 to 2016 as samples to analyze the impact of environmental regulation on technological progress from multiple dimensions. The results show that the impact of environmental regulation on technological progress exists temporal and spatial heterogeneity. The promotion effect of lagging environmental regulation on technological progress in one period is greater than that in the current and lagging two periods. The promotion of environmental regulation on technological progress in the eastern region is the strongest, while that in the western region is the weakest. Environmental regulation has a double threshold effect on technological progress, and too high or too low environmental regulation is not conducive to technological progress. Finally, combined with the research conclusions, some suggestions are put forward from the aspects of improving the intensity of environmental regulation moderately, maintaining the continuity of environmental regulation and formulating differentiated environmental policies.
A study on Peer Relationship of Rural Teachers in Primary and Secondary Schools and Its Influencing Factors
ZHU Guiqin, HAN Xiaoyi, WEI Hua
2020, 40(1): 66-72.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.01.012
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The peer relationship of rural teachers will affect the satisfaction of teachers' working environment. A good peer relationship will help to promote the construction of professional teachers. Using SPSS 20.0 to investigate the peer relationship of 300 rural teachers, it is found that the peer relationship of rural teachers is in the upper middle level, and the score of peer relationship is higher than that of the upper and lower level; there are significant differences in the peer relationship among rural teachers of different gender, organization, school type and education background; the score of peer relationship decreases with the increase of teaching age; with the increase of teaching age, the score of peer relationship decreases gradually; with the increase of teaching age, the score of peer relationship is higher With the increase of age, the peer relationship shows an inverted U-shaped trend; with the decrease of teachers' positions, the peer relationship also gradually declines; with the increase of educational background, the peer relationship declines; private teachers score higher than public teachers in peer relationship, among which gender, establishment, school type, academic history, position and rural teachers' peers show significant correlation. The results suggest that rural schools should pay attention to the emotional support of their peers, actively guide teachers to establish the concept of positive communication, reasonably use leadership power, create an effective communication platform, create a good organizational environment, and establish an effective incentive mechanism.
Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Learning Status of Minority College Students
LU Weiqun, YANG Huiqin
2020, 40(1): 73-79.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.01.013
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Based on the survey data of 713 minority college students from 5 colleges and universities in Guizhou Province, we could understand the learning situation of minority college students in Guizhou. This paper used SPSS statistical analysis to analyze the differences in the learning status of a few college students with different characteristics. The factor analysis model was established to summarize and extract the common factors affecting the learning status of minority college students. The study found that students of different genders and grades have significant differences in learning motivation, learning attitudes, learning strategies, classroom performance and academic performance. Among them, gender, ethnic differences, professional identity and attitude behavior were the four common factors affecting the learning situation of ethnic minorities. The cumulative interpretation rate was 57.64%. Based on this, some suggestions were put forward to strengthen the internal learning motivation of minority college students, set up different training links and training methods, carry out the cultural activities of ethnic minority campuses and implement the tutor system.
Hotspots, Trends and Prospects of Bilingual Education for Ethnic Minorities in the Past 40 Years of Reform and Opening-up
2020, 40(1): 80-86.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.01.014
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In the past 40 years of reform and opening up, the research on Bilingual Education of ethnic minorities has developed rapidly. Based on CNKI database, CiteSpace software is used to analyze the research institutions, contents and trends of bilingual education for ethnic minorities in China during 1978-2018. Five research directions in this field are summarized, including bilingual teaching, bilingual teachers, bilingual education model, bilingual education research in pre-school and primary and secondary stages, Tibetan-Chinese and Uygur-Chinese bilingual education. Research; Bilingual and Multicultural Education in the United States; Language Use and Language Attitudes. The research in this field has gone through four stages:exploratory stage, stable development stage, blowout stage and new era. Finally, in view of the shortcomings of the existing research, some reasonable suggestions are put forward, such as strengthening the educational research on endangered languages, making up for the shortcomings of bilingual education research in higher education stage, and carrying out special research on foreign bilingual education, in order to provide reference for the theory and practice of Minority bilingual education research.
2020, 40(1): 87-93.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.01.015
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2020, 40(1): 94-99.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.01.016
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A Discussion on the Linguistic Feature of Fan Zhuo Wa Fa in WANG Fanzhi's Poetry
2020, 40(1): 100-105.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.01.017
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WANG Fanzhi's poetry is a typical representative of popular poetry in Chinese literature. By virtue of the particular ideological content and artistic feature presented in them, these poetry have attracted widespread attention in later generations. In the 390 poems collected by Mr. XIANG, the authors applied lots of functional words, three syllable words, vulgar words and Buddhist words. Besides, they used many rhetorical devices, such as metaphor and parallelism. As a result, the poetry present an artistic feature of rigorous, vivid, sincere, profound and lively, endowing the poetry the aesthetic value of Fan Zhuo Wa Fa.
A Study on Symmetrical Construction “You N1Wu N2” in Modern Chinese
2020, 40(1): 106-111.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.01.018
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Starting with the analysis of the structural features and semantic relation between N1 and N2 of the symmetrical constructions "You N1 Wu N2" in modern Chinese, the current discussion probes into the constructional meaning of the "You N1 Wu N2", the cognitive semantic restriction on "N" in the "You N1 Wu N2" and the interaction between the constructional meaning and the meaning of the components.
On the Key Words of JI Wenjun's Novels
LI Qun
2020, 40(1): 112-117.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.01.019
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Henan writer JI Wenjun's creation has shown a distinct personal style on the whole. Her novel construct of literature of the township Junzhou, tells the story of female growth, as well as contemporary intellectuals to escape from and return to their hometown. The abundant plant images and intertextual writing techniques in her works all have obvious characteristics of JI Wenjun, and the key words such as Junzhou, growth, escape, plants and intertextuality have also become the signposts for us to enter the literary world described by JI Wenjun.
2020, 40(1): 118-121.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.01.020
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A Discussion about the Edition of Nanbeichao Wenchao and Its Value in Literary History
WU Chao
2020, 40(1): 122-128.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.01.021
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The Nan-Bei Chao Wenchao (Wenchao in the Southern and Northern Dynasties) compiled by Peng Zhaosun and revised by Xu Dayuan shows the compilation purport of the parallel prose of the six dynasties and the proposition of opposing parallel prose and advocating yuan & ya. In terms of the value of literary history, the publication of this anthology, to a certain extent,has played a positive role in the compilation of parallel prose anthology, and also has a great value of literature collation. It can be regarded as an important collection of parallel prose anthology collected by the six dynasties in the Qing dynasty.
2020, 40(1): 129-134.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.01.022
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An Exploration of Eco-Marxist Criticism
CHEN Maolin
2020, 40(1): 135-140.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0964.2020.01.023
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As a new literary critical school after eco-feminism and post-colonialism, eco-Marxist criticism, is the "reddening" of eco-criticism, and the "greening" of Marxism as well. By putting literary studies in context of classism and eco-crisis, eco-Marxist criticism attacks anthropocentrism and eco-centrism, and criticizes the capitalist system and ecological imperialism. Reconsidering literature and human culture by relating class, nature, literature and culture to each other, it aims to change the position of nature and working class as the other, arouse people's ecological, environmental and social consciousness, so as to construct a communist society where human and nature, human and society maintain a harmonious co-existence. The birth of eco-Marxist criticism mingles natural ecology and human society, improves eco-criticism's human attribute, and therefore opens broader academic space for both of them.
2020, 40(1): 141-141.  
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2020, 40(1): 142-142.  
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